Richard Phillips Feynman – “The Last Journey Of A Genius”

It’s Saturday, and it’s time to travel and meet great people.

Richard Phillips Feynman. He is absolutely one of my favorite person ever. A mentor. He was a theoretical physicist, and also an adventurer, a musician, a world-class raconteur.

This video shows the story of physicist Richard Feynman’s fascination with – and efforts to visit – a remote country in the center of Asia, called Tannu Tuva, “the land where the reindeer meets the camel”.

Have you the same persistence on your goals? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Let’s start a good discussion together!


6 thoughts on “Richard Phillips Feynman – “The Last Journey Of A Genius”

  1. Richard Feynmann, a truly remarkable person.

    I think it would great to organise a trip to what was Tannu Tuva in his name. I doubt the same travel restrictions exist as they did then so should be a lot easier.

    • Hi Charlie,

      It seems a real good idea. I am available to organize the trip and maybe record a documentary in honor of Feynman too. Let me know if you are interested!

      Anyone else? 🙂

  2. Hi Stefania,
    I am interested. Trying to make a documentary sounds like a fantastic idea, have often thought would be fun to do. Wiki travel has some information on how to get there:

    Have you ever made any documentaries?


    • Hi Charlie,
      I read the page, and last week I’ve just started learning Russian, for the moment I just remember “Priviet” and I haven’t a clue about the Cyrillic writing

      I have a very little experience in video making, we can always find some video maker interested in this. It would be the first project of Berry Brains!

      This source is a nice reading too

      March it should be a nice moment to discuss it again. Where do you live at the moment?

  3. Hi Stefania,
    A friend of mine’s grandfather was Lithuanian so she knows a little Russian. I will have to speak to her about it.

    I have a camera which would be suitable equipment but no experience in documentaries. Some video maker would be best.

    I live in Essex but work in London.

    Do you have my email address from the word press admin?

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