The Silva Method “Could this be the next step in your evolution?”

Hello everyone!

Do you know what is Silva Method and who is José Silva?

The first time I came across Silva Method was around ten years ago. It is a powerful technique you can use for a lot of things: being more productive, relaxed, healing, manifesting what you have in mind and much more.

It based on the principle that you can achieve more and more in a deeper relaxation state, when you are in you Alpha level, a special brain frequency.

I am very aligned with José Silva, when I was studying Physics I came across similar questions, actually more concerning the electromagnetic field of the human body, but I when I went to the university library and checked a huge book about Neuroscience, I saw less than half of a page where it related brain activity with concepts in Physics.

By the way, it was an interesting book, and I will continue to pursue my research and curiosity as well.

Have you ever practiced some kind of meditation? If you know Silva Method, which is your experience? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Let’s start a good discussion together!

2 thoughts on “The Silva Method “Could this be the next step in your evolution?”

    • Hi Serena,

      It’s a nice serie of coincidences, than I have to share it somewhere now!

      It’s dedicated to you too, start a Silva Method journey and then you will never come back (it’s a good thing)! 😀

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