Fay Dowker – “Why black holes are hot”

Happy new year! Have you written your commitment for this year? If not a great place to start is My Life Book test.

By the way, today I want to share an amazing lecture about black holes and beyond.

Fay Dowker is a British Theoretical Physicist at Imperial College London. As a student, she was interested in wormholes (nice one, I asked Jocelyn Bell about wormholes last month) to and quantum cosmology. Having studied at the University of Cambridge, Dowker was awarded the Tyson Medal in 1987 and completed her Doctor of Philosophyunder the supervision of Stephen Hawking (yes, him!) in 1990. She was later a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, at the University of California at Santa Barbara and also the California Institute of Technology.

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